Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Kyle Nelson

I'll steadily add more people to this section as I discover them. Next up is Kyle Nelson who has a great blog with a gallery of his work. Really like his Pzkfw. 38(t) Ausf. B, looks fantastic with the interior done.


Sunday, 24 June 2012


Great documentary on Barbarossa:

The other parts can be found in the link list beside this on Youtube.

IPMS Scottish Nationals 2012

I completely forgot to post up some pics from the Scottish Nationals that were held at the Dewar Hall in Perth at the end of April. I went on the Sunday when it was quiet and got a good look round everything. I'm interested in the armour side of things so there are only so many aircraft I can stare at before they all start looking the same but the standard of some of them was fantastic. I went with ulterior motives as I wanted to see the standard in the painting competition. Hoping to enter something next year so better get practising my painting! I thought the variety of subjects that was on display was great with all things from sci-fi, fantasy, props, historical, aircraft and armour. Below is the winning 1/35th scale armour category:

You can see loads more photos here. I had a great day and managed to resist buying loads of stuff from the traders! Details for next years show is here. Recommended. 

Wall Tones

Okay, okay this is a deadly dull post but it's more to show the variety of tones available that you can use for painting walls. Makes all the difference when trying to add interest to a large area of colour.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Sherman Minutia

I've always thought that the Sherman was a bit of minefield to model. With it being so prevalent in all theatres and its variants used, your modelling options are endless. I found this site really good at ironing out the details and when they came about. If you know of any other similar sites for different tanks then let me know!

Sherman Minutia

I have one of the ancient Italeri kits already built that I am going to use as a dummy model for practicing some techniques. No detailing done on it, just out of the box. Straight forward build but I'm sure it's got a good few inaccuracies on it as some parts are very chunky and there is no room to fit the nasty vinyl tracks so will leave them off.